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In 2014, entrepreneur Leah Templin established the principles and standards of TMC Cleaning Services for how homes should be cleaned in Lumberton, TX. Allowing busy Texas homeowners a trustworthy, professional, inexpensive system to their messy, dirty home. Residents of the thriving southeast Texas town, just north of Beaumont, TX, took advantage of the new service, which quickly expanded to communities in other counties nearby.Today—5 years later—there are more than 20 TMC Cleaning Services operating cities in the Beaumont, TX region. Last year, we performed over 1,000 cleaning services and 80 percent of which were for repeat customers.

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Texan workers are some of the most productive in the country and will continue to be for ages. Dual-income families are the majority, and so working hours and long commutes that go past 40 hours into the evening and sometimes weekends. Kids have school work, gym, band practice, sports practice, rehearsals….

Working most commonly on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, TMC Cleaning Services gives the most busy people and families clean, relaxing homes and offices to return to when the time comes. Our clients homes are cleaned according to your individual needs and we back up our work with a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee.

In 2018, Templin partnered up with Shenna McMahen to begin expanding cleaning services to satisfied clients across the southeast Texas region. McMahen says, “It isn´t that we just clean houses, we clean our friends houses.”

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